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With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, we specialize in developing different electronics home appliances. We have strong and efficient teams in quality control, engineering, global sourcing and logistic management in order to fulfill the different needs from  different customers.  We work closely with the customers and business partners to grow the business together.  

Famitec About Us Background
Famitec About Us Our Mission


Since 2020, we diversify our business and focus on developing a new brand with a fresh images to our customers and to the markets. This is how Famitec was launched.  We have well established & strong sales and marketing team with young, enthusiasm and energetic team members. To adopt the changes and challenges, we create innovative ideas, evalute the potential and implement to our products.


Famitec - a brand linked up the elements of Family and Technology together. We concern your needs. With our past experience in home appliances sector, we know your needs, the problem you are facing, we aim to develop our products which makes you life easier. We create new concepts and unique ideas with modern technology and energetic lifestyle on our products which bring a new user experience to your loved family with joyful and comfortable.

Famitec About Us Our Goal
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